The main settings file for Miga is settings.ini, a file that you will have to create in the main Miga directory. That file defines some high-level information, as well as defining, for each "app" (though there might be just one), where the settings of that app can be found. If the installation holds just a single app, called "Billy's Books", then the settings.ini file might look like the following:

[Billy's Books]
Directory = books
Schema file = BooksSchema.ini
Pages file = BooksPages.ini
Logo = billysbooks.png

The "Directory" setting tells the system where to find the other files. Miga will look in the directory "apps/directory-name" - so, in this case, "apps/books" - to find the other files specified. (For information about the schema and pages files, see Data schema files and Additional pages, respectively.) The "Logo" setting specifies a logo image to be shown on every page of this app.

Below is a complete listing of the allowed settings for settings.ini:

You can place setting values at the very top of the file, above the app sections, so that they will apply to all apps. For instance, if you put "24-hour time = true" at the top, all apps will use 24-hour time, without having to add that setting to each one. (You can then override such a global setting within any specific app, in this case by adding "24-hour time = false" to that app.