Additional pages

By default, the main/start page shows either a set of links to the different "named" categories of the app, i.e. the categories that contain a "Name" field (assuming there's more than one of them), or just directly shows the browse interface for the category, if there's only one.

However, you can also define additional, static, non-data pages to be displayed in the app, like an "about" page. This is done in a separate .ini file, which has to be specified in settings.ini as "Pages file".

Here are the contents of "BooksPages.ini", a sample "pages file" for our previous books example:

[About this site]
File = about.html

[View books]
Category = Books

[View authors]
Category = Authors

Each section of the file defines a single link, which can point to either the display of an HTML file, or the browsing interface of a single category, depending on whether the line starts with "File" or "Category".

By default, if you have such a pages file, the set of pages and categories it contains will be the set of links displayed to the user in the main/start page, with the section header serving as the link text.

Additionally, the section header for each file (this doesn't apply to categories) will be the title that shows up at the top of the page, as well as the page name in that page's URL.

The HTML file(s), like the pages file itself, have to be contained in the directory for this app, within the /apps directory.

You can also have an HTML page that will serve as the custom start page for this entire app, using the "Start page =" setting in the settings.ini file. This custom start page does not have to be included in this "pages file". Is such a "pages file" even necessary if you have a custom start page? Yes, if you have any other static pages - this "pages file" will allow you to link to those other pages, from the start page or from elsewhere.