Miga is open-source software. It is available through the GNU General Public License.

Miga is mostly written by Yaron Koren, and was first released in July 2013. Initial development work was sponsored by the Wikimedia Foundation, through an Individual Engagement Grant.

Conceptually, it is based in large part on the generic approach to data espoused by the Semantic MediaWiki project.

Additional funding, as well as development, has been contributed by Ontodia.

Miga includes the following third-party software and files:

It also can make use of the Google Maps, OpenLayers and OpenStreetMap JavaScript APIs for mapping.

Additional support

For the moment, there is no Miga mailing list or IRC channel. You can use the Miga GitHub page to submit bug reports and patches. You can also write Yaron at for questions, comments, bug reports and patches.